Press photography

Dear all, firstly, thank you for reading my randomness. I have turned off all tracking so have no idea how many bots read my random writings. Jokes aside, I am branching out into press photography and photographed the teenager known as Greta.   So, this is Greta Thunberg in Berlin … Continue reading

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James Rea, 30. March 2019

A shoot with Cecilie Beck Kronborg

A shoot with Cecilie Beck Kronborg. Randomness works and it is about who you know. I photograph artists. I happened to meet Dean (DeanIsHome) for a gig he did about a month ago, and talked to him about a shoot, then decided to advertise some artist portait shoots and he … Continue reading

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James Rea, 29. July 2018

The wedding photographer tied the knot

I got married. This was my view of weddings from the side of the couple. The day was intense. I think I had the happiest bride in the world. I had quiet moments to rest and talk, but otherwise the day went fast and was somewhat stressful. I asked my … Continue reading

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James, 29. July 2018

Mediaguys – the site.

MediaGuys – an idea that requires a lot more work than imagined. We are starting a media agency, offering many aspects of photography, videography and media design, including website design from scratch. In that front I have been workung on content for people, such as my latest project for DeanIsHome. … Continue reading

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James, 29. March 2018

My project, your image.

I work with a number of different people on a number of different projects and our latest one will be I don’t know when that project will be online, but it will be soon. We will be offering the entire package: Photography Videography Music videos Advertising videos Short intro … Continue reading

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James, 23. November 2017


Ohrenpeyn sind eine deutsche Mittelaltermusikgruppe, die ich bisher 4 Mal gesehen habe. Ich schreibe nicht so gern, weil ich mit meiner Wörte das nicht vorbringen kann, was meine Fotos zeigen können. Ich habe ein paar Fotos hier im Blog gesetzt, dass Sie einen Eindruck von der Band bekommen können.

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James, 10. June 2017

A portrait session with Stephen Paul Taylor

It finally happened. I finally did portrait photos of Stephen Paul Taylor. Why is this so amazing you ask? To most it is not, but it was on my to-do list for a long time. I think the guy is an awesome performance artist and great musician, and since seeing … Continue reading

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James, 8. June 2017

Nollendorf 17 – a musical introduction to Christopher Isherwood & Sally Bowles at The Ballery

I did not know what to expect from this show, including how musical it would be, but I knew it would be good. I went as a normal guest, with the option of taking some shots for the show. Mobile phone photos do not compare and we all know it. … Continue reading

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James, 5. March 2017

Development of a photographer (my early years of 2012-13)

I think it is important that people know who I am, because you hire the person behind the camera to get the results you want. This is maybe an interesting post for anyone wanting to know how good a photographer I am. And I hope to write this so that … Continue reading

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James, 4. March 2017


Sie suchen einen Eventfotograf hier in Berlin. Ich kann nur sagen, dass ich der richtige Fotograf für Sie bin: egal ob Sie einen Tanz- oder Theaterstück produzieren,   oder Sie eine Veranstaltung planen, z.B. ein Fest oder Preisverleihung, Oder vielleicht eine Veranstaltung für Ihre Gruppe oder Firma, dann ruf mich … Continue reading

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James, 1. March 2017