About me

by James, 21. March 2016

Um meine Beschreibung auf deutsch zu lesen, einfach hier klicken.

I’m James. I’m a photographer in Berlin with a great dedication to my art and lots of fun projects along side my work.

I think people that have seen me work generally comment the same, that I work very hard, and non-stop. I can simply say that the best way to get to know my work is to see me in action, or if you can’t do that before booking me, is to see the results of my work.

I photograph frequently for various organisations and groups, two of which are the Business and Professional Women Berlin.

One event I did for them can be seen here.

And Film Festival International, for whom I have photographed 2 festivals so far (as of Dec. 2016) and am booked for 2 more and then carrying on from there.

My work can be seen on their Facebook page (you don’t need to own an account). Click here.

For further examples of my work, please check out the different portfolios on this site.

And if you have questions, just drop me a line. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.