A shoot with Cecilie Beck Kronborg

by James Rea, 29. July 2018

Cecilie Beck KronborgA shoot with Cecilie Beck Kronborg.

Randomness works and it is about who you know. I photograph artists. I happened to meet Dean (DeanIsHome) for a gig he did about a month ago, and talked to him about a shoot, then decided to advertise some artist portait shoots and he suggested Cecilie.

Cecilie is a musician and singer based in New York. She plays the piano masterfully and creatively.

We had never met Cecilie, but she knew our work. Dean uses it on his album covers. This is the sort of photoshoot I love. It was easy and fun and with great results.

This is the quality of my work that I intend at every shoot I do, and I think each model is a unique challenge but I acheive this each time.

If you need good shots, you know where to find me.

You can see more of Cecilie here:

Portrait Photos