Medieval festival in the Citadel Spandau

by James Rea, 28. April 2019

Who likes fire shows, horse, jousting and sword fights?

I do. And I spent 2 days in Berlin watching and photographing just this.


What can one say? I think the photos speak for themselves. This event was simply awesome for me and is great for any fans of such festivals. If you are not into live jousting, fire shows, sword fights and other such things, then it won’t be for you, but if you are, then you need to see this next year.

The festival is run by carnica, who run several medieval festivals, some of which I have been to. Each has their own charm.

The medieval festival in the Citadel is rather large and has several stages, as well as plenty of live shows through the day. There is also plenty to buy, should you be so inclined. There were some cool things I would buy, but not this year. There was a medieval cheese board with a cutting axe, which I thought was great. The price was a bit much, considering it did not look useful as such. You could also buy swords, daggers, medieval style clothing and, of course, mead.

I have lots of photos of everything that happened and will be posting many things regarding this and the other festival I managed to visit this year, the medieval festival in Schloss Diedersdorf.

As the photographer of the day it was my job to capture the awesomeness of this event and it was awesome. I was standing at one end of the horse arena, in which there were many things going on. There were games with fire, jousting competitions, sword fights, displays of riding skills and the usual silliness too. The riders and their horses were from Horse Stunt Team Arturius.


And then there were other knights without horses, as well as the musicians, and the dedicated and awesome team from “Die Flugträumer”. That is something for another post though.