Press photography

by James Rea, 30. March 2019

Dear all,

firstly, thank you for reading my randomness. I have turned off all tracking so have no idea how many bots read my random writings.

Jokes aside, I am branching out into press photography and photographed the teenager known as Greta.

20190329 Greta Thunberg (38 of 153)


So, this is Greta Thunberg in Berlin last Friday. I liked her.

My opinion on her is that she is a girl with a mission. She acts out of fear. Whether she is right or wrong on her subject, she should not act out of fear, since as the greats say, fear is false evidence appearing real.

I’ll soon be showing my work in an online shop. If youj are interested in press photography from the source, I will be happy to show you my other work and will soon be linking to my online shop.