My project, your image.

by James, 23. November 2017

I work with a number of different people on a number of different projects and our latest one will be

I don’t know when that project will be online, but it will be soon.

We will be offering the entire package:



  • Music videos
  • Advertising videos
  • Short intro videos for your business
  • Internet clips for your social media presence

Website design

Social media packages

if required, we can even build your Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and other such things and show you how to use them.

And we can and will explain why and when to use them.

The title says “My project, your image”.


What I mean here is that my new project for the coming months is focussed on helping clients expand their social media profiles with images they can use for whatever message they wish to create.

I often use the example of my friend Oli, der Hauptstadtcoach. He uses our different images a lot to create his messages.

Check out his instagram. He is consistently building his online presence through the use of good content mixed with imagery focussed around him, his business and his brand.

Der Hauptstadtcoach macht Pause.


Coaches are one direction for photography.

My clients also include musicians, such as Stephen Paul Taylor.

He wanted professional photos for his press pack, so also in print, not just online.

Stephen Paul Taylor in a bandana.

Stephen Paul Taylor in a bandana.

We had to take a look at how to creat a wide range of custom images.

A pious Stephen Paul Taylor

A pious Stephen Paul Taylor

We wanted to create the maximum amount of cool imagery we could in a short space of time. We acheived it.

But, what happens if you are a someone in a profession that does not rely on Social media too much yet, but realises that it is an ever growing field?

Like a dentist, perhaps….

Behandlungszimmer (35 von 62)Well,

I can do the images you would like your customers to see.

Dentists are scary to some, and I admit I don’t like going to the dentist at all, because, well, who does, but this trip was fun. Even my youngest model of the day thought so too.

Behandlungszimmer (44 von 62)


So, whatever you need, drop me or us a line, and we will see how we can work together to create the stunning images you need.

When I say “we”, I am referring to my team and I. We will be featuring full info on all members, our work and our offers soon enough on Media Guys. Until then, there is this page.