Mediaguys – the site.

by James, 29. March 2018

MediaGuys – an idea that requires a lot more work than imagined.

We are starting a media agency, offering many aspects of photography, videography and media design, including website design from scratch.

In that front I have been workung on content for people, such as my latest project for DeanIsHome.

Dean drumsticks 2048px


Of course I mean new portraits.

I love working wuth artists, creating individual photos, which match their personality.

Dean BW Portrait


We intend to have the new site online in some weeks and will have plenty of examples of great portraiture, and then soon featuring our video work, website work and an interesting element for film makers and international creatives, we will be doing translation of scripts, texts, subtitles for video.

In the meantime though, as you know, my passion is photography, so I shall be continuing to work with creatives, coaches, trainers, teachers, small businesses and others to create some unique and stunning imagery, such as of Dean (above), and here Marion (below).