International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema London 2017

by James, 21. February 2017

So this is just a quick update.

You might have seen some film festival photos on my site. This is because I regularly photograph for the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema.

This was the latest event:

International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema London

If you wish to see the photos, they will be online soon on the site (see above) and also on their Facebook page.

However, you can see the group shot here:


Until the new photos from this time around are there and you want to see examples of my work for them, please check out the photos from the:

Berlin International Filmmaker Festival 2016 (on Facebook)

and the:

Milan international Filmmaker Festival 2016 (also on Facebook)

And most importantly, if you are a film maker you can also enter your film for one of the upcoming festivals including the Berlin festival in 2017, please check out the page and drop them a line.

The team are great, the guests are always fun and I now know some awesome people, who make films worldwide.

More coming soon 😉