International Filmmaker Festival Milan

by James, 8. December 2016

And what a festival that was.

I flew in on the Saturday morning and back out on the Sunday afternoon and sometime in between I spent an awesome 9 hours photographing a really fun festival and awards ceremony.20161203-milan-film-festival-427-of-493

And I met a lot of film makers and some stars. Look closely and you will see a familiar face from the TV show “The Bill”. If you are not from Britain, this was an ITV show about a fictional London Police force. One of the guys in the back is a face from my childhood, Mr. Mark Wingett, who played D.C. Jim Carver.


This is him with the talented and beautiful Alice Bird. They star in a new film called A Reason to Leave. The film is by Norman Gregory, another man anyone from England should know from television. This is him with Mark Wingett from The BillThe Bill (Youtube link) was a British TV show about a fictional Police force in London.20161203-milan-film-festival-467-of-493

So, that is all for now. It is a small introduction into what I do as a photographer and where I’ve been.

I’ll be linking to all the films too as I post more photos. I admit, as of writing that I have not watched the film yet, but having met the cast and the director, it is on my list as a movie I want to see asap.