Stella Zannou’s Strange, my visit to the rehearsal and portraits

by James, 30. June 2016

passed out

Stella Zannou, dancer and choreographer, came by to have some portraits done. As with a lot of artist friends, I know Stella through Valery Renay and Noblesse Oblige.

The reason the shoot came about was my Artists Portraits project, part of the Artists in Berlin project, documenting art and artists here in Berlin. I visited Stella during a rehearsal for her dance show “Strange” and photographed the rehearsal. Due to time constraints, I could not attend the actual show, but the photos I saw from the nights it was on leave me in no doubt that it was even better as a show.

As happens sometimes, on the night I came by, one dancer had just walked out and everything was a bit chaotic. Someone else was able to step in at very short notice and I watched and photographed some completely new work.

And then came the fun of editing the work. It is now done. Some of the photos are on the site, such as this one:

Sitting on shoulders

So, Stella was the first one of the group to come by and take part in a portrait shoot. I have edited some photos of her already and I think there are some really stunning photos. You can see them in the Artists Portraits folder in full size. I have added two photos in mini here.Stella Zannou Stella Zannou

Artist Portraits

And remember, I am open to meet new artists too, who want to work with me on such portraits. I also take normal clients too 😉

So if you don’t play an instrument, sing opera or dance professionally, don’t worry. I don’t do these things either. I do take awesome portraits though.