An evening with Stephen Paul Taylor

by James, 3. March 2016

Where to begin….

This guy is the most awesome and energetic live act I have seen. I had been meaning to go see him perform at Hamburger Mary’s for a while, never made it due to other commitments, which in retrospect, were a kind of learning curve. I also did not have the kit for concerts back then. So SPT, I’ll be looking to join you at another event soon.

20150108 Stephen Paul Taylor (32 of 55)

So, everybody knows shits fucked up is the title of his most well known song, an internet hit and very fun.

Stephen Paul Taylor

Stephen brought the room alive at Gelegenheit bar in Berlin Neukölln. I’d not been there before and it was quite unique a place with tiled walls and a shabby chique vibe.

I met the guy when he came in. First real meeting. Facebook does not convey the wierdness of medting people taller than I am. He is something like 197cm in boots, maybe taller. Great guy, very friendly, very happy to have me come along and get some shots.

20150108 Stephen Paul Taylor (43 of 55)and a few other friends were along too, Lexodus and the other half of SPT’s band The Rad Dads.

Live music, dance music with synthesiser and keyboard, fun lyrics and an excellent performance. The crowd had an excellent time, as did I.

Check him out on YouTube. Just search his name.